Guy Logomarsino


MEP and Structural Engineer


BS (Rutgers University)

MS (Technion-Israel Institute of Technology)

PHD (Stevens Institute of Technology)

Guy has over 29 years work experience in the field of structural, and geotechnical engineering for numerous projects including, buildings, bridges, roadways, high-rise buildings, tunnels, railroad/subway structures, and industrial plants. He understands the basis of engineering science, which has led him to understand the essentials of the field of design, construction inspection, and investigations. He has been called as an expert witness for the Court systems for the evaluation of existing buildings under distress and other areas of expertise. He has worked in every aspect of the field, which includes subsurface investigations including geotechnical investigations in soil conditions and properties, hydraulic analysis, and seismic analysis. Guy has designed numerous structural buildings, new and renovated front façade seven stories or higher buildings, and geotechnical projects, His geotechnical-related projects include overseeing boring samples, inspection of piles, design of geogrid retaining walls, design of concrete walls bulkheads, abutments with rock anchors, pipe layouts, footings, sheeting and whalers, underpinning of buildings, construction inspection for major structural buildings, and low to high rise buildings in the tri-state area.