Beneli Group is a full-service commercial and residential architectural firm specializing in planning, architecture, and interior design throughout the United States. Beneli Group is committed to offering clients exceptional design with superior collaboration and outstanding value.


We specialize in projects of all types and sizes. For information on getting started on your next project, contact us.


Similar to our architectural approach, our design projects reflect modern and minimal aesthetics, mixed with our client’s vision throughout.


As our projects begin to take shape, we lend our engineering expertise to carefully plan and execute each detail. We rely on our construction affiliate, Beneldan, to bring the project into the build stage. Our engineering efforts are focused on:


Beneldan is home to innovative ideas and solutions for intricacies of the construction industry. An integrated service approach developed and designed by a skilled and knowledgeable team to deliver complete project solutions, following through on Beneli Group’s concepts.

Beneldan specializes in: construction and development, luxury renovation, roofing and asphalt.